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Something momentous is happening in the Japanese city of Osaka...

An investigation into a nuclear near-accident reveals results so strange that, at first, nobody takes them seriously. But one or two individuals make a connection to something much older…

At the heart of it is a story which dates back over fifty years to another unique moment: the Woodstock Festival. There, two men - Peter Marriott, the hip British film-maker, and Daniel Firdaus, leader of a secretive Californian cult - saw something happen that no-one else fully understood; something which they could only describe as an evolutionary shift in humanity itself. Both have been pursuing it ever since: Marriott, out of a sense of duty to humanity; Firdaus entirely for his own power.

In a war that lasted decades, a tiny group of people who had their start at Woodstock – East London gangsters, refugees from the California “scene”, a former KGB spy and a (possibly mad) Glaswegian cameraman known as Raging Dennis - came together around Marriott. They fought against the odds – and against Firdaus and his increasingly powerful organisation - to discover the truth about something which could change the world forever.  Eventually, for most of them, the dream died.

Now it is, once again, a reality.

In Osaka, two wildly-talented young women - the actual product of the evolutionary shift - have created something miraculous: a way of transmitting it to others. As Masako Kobayashi and Hope Van Doren struggle to comprehend what they have unleashed, humanity in Osaka begins to change before their very eyes: and the world begins to notice.

There begins a final battle: not just for survival - but for the future of the human race…

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Paperback release Feb 2021


Praise for Sharkey

"I thoroughly enjoyed this, it straddles two worlds very nicely and has a wonderful element to it that reminded me strongly of the humanity in Terry Pratchett‘s work without being in the least derivative...The characters are strongly written, well rounded and you come to care about them very quickly. The social commentary is strong without being preachy and although the action is described in more broad strokes than the people it keeps you reading. The second reading has brought out lots that I missed the first time, (in my opinion the sign of a good book) and I’d recommend this to others even while it’s blimmin’ difficult to pigeonhole as to genre."

'Po Bear' - Amazon Reviewer

Thought provoking and moving 

A beautiful, haunting book that brings back the magic of the tramps of old. This book was so beautifully written, I was gently enveloped into a different world. A world that exists all around us but we rarely notice. Michael Tyne is a wonderful wordsmith, and a magical storyteller. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this book.

'RW' - Amazon Reviewer

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